Johan Vansummeren Must Really Hate Cats

The Service Course hopes to get back to regular writing shortly, but in the meantime, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to present this Eneco Tour photo from today's Sportwereld. The wider version of the shot is here. Best LOL Cats-style caption in the comments wins...well, wins nothing except our admiration, whatever that's worth.

The Sportwereld caption notes that the condition of the cat remains unknown, but since I've seen squirrels recover from worse, I'll go ahead and assume that the cat shook it off and experienced only a little residual soreness the next day. That'll make me feel a little better about the gawking, anyway. And of course, since Johan Vansummeren (Silence-Lotto) was involved, I'll also assume it was Gert Steegmans' cat that was violated.

Cat-flattening aside, what else is up in today's paper? Well, it seems that Frank Vandenbrouke (who I am contractually bound by the cycling writers' union to refer to as the "enfant terrible of professional cycling") no longer finds himself in the employ of his continental team, Cinelli Down Under. The SC's official position is to be shocked -- shocked! -- by this development, because it's just more fun that way. Being without a team also means that VDB effectively doesn't have a racing license, so as the article quaintly points out, he might consider joining a club. Like I said, there's no new news in pro cycling, so it seems like we're just going around and around again.